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"The Tattva Group is exploring organic and inorganic ventures in the following sectors:"


India imports more than 60% of its crude oil requirements due to huge demand supply gap. Indian Government has taken various measures to substantially accelerate exploratory activities for enhancing Oil & Gas production. This has created a sustained demand for oil field services in India like drilling rigs, offshore support vessels, seismic services, survey as well as other equipment and services.

Tattva Group has strong existing relationships with major global players in this industry and is exploring opportunities to commence a services business in upstream Oil & Gas.


The Indian healthcare system faces substantial challenges, from the need to improve physical infrastructure to the necessity of providing health insurance and ensuring the availability of trained medical personnel. But the opportunities are equally compelling, from developing new infrastructure and providing medical equipment to delivering telemedicine solutions and conducting cost-effective clinical trials. We view the Indian healthcare sector as a glass half full and the potential is enormous.

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