One Life Home Healthcare

Research indicates that convalescing patients and large number of seniors prefer recovering in their home environment, or staying in their own homes as they age. Convalescing patients do better in their home environment, provided they are nurtured and tended to with utmost care and in adherence to medical guidelines. One Life works on the philosophy “Live Well Always” – an expression which powers our intent and effort to help people heal in comfort and surrounded by their loved ones.

One Life has been conceived as a service that helps people do exactly this – live comfortably in their own homes and get world-class treatment or care, while being surrounded by their loved ones.

One Life, with its proven team of healthcare professionals and experts, is soon becoming a trusted partner helping people and their caregivers live well always by providing highest quality of life and dignity in death for our clients.


One Life Healthcare Services range from Post Hospitalisation to Advanced Home Healthcare.

Post Hospitalization

One Life’s Post Hospitalisation services are designed to help the patient recover both physically and mentally, while offering counselling and strength to the patient and the family.

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Senior Care

One Life’s committed team of caregivers - doctors, nurses and physiotherapists address every aspect from Pain Management to Disease Management and coordinating Healthcare needs, guiding you in making the right health care and lifestyle choices.

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Chronic Disease Management

One Life’s Chronic Care Management program is patient centric – helping patients with chronic disease conditions like diabetes, arthritis, COPD or renal diseases to manage their condition. Programs are individually devised using a combination of clinical, physiological, behavioural, and economic factors helping the patients achieve a better quality of life.

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One Life provides expert physiotherapy and rehabilitation to patients with pain or physical impairment and disability. They also provide these services to athletes to improve body function and performance.

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Skilled Nursing

One Life’s qualified nursing team caters to a wide range of health care needs at home, thereby avoiding multiple hospital or clinic visits.

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Doctor Home Visits

Top notch doctors and physicians visit a patient’s home to conduct a detailed assessment of the patient health and assist in devising a well thought out recovery plan. This eliminates the physical strain of constant hospital visits.

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Diagnostics and Pharma

Correct diagnosis and timely detection are significant aspects of disease management. One Life provides easy access to pharmacy and diagnostic services and helps in both preventive and curative care in the comfort of home.

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Advanced Home Healthcare

Advanced home health care at One Life refers to intensive care services provided for those who need constant monitoring but cannot be treated in a hospital set up. This high quality-care helps in providing better recovery in the comfort of the home without the risk of infection. In addition this is highly cost effective. One Life’s Advanced Home Healthcare is as per the international guidelines and advice of medical experts. It also involves consultation with a patient’s primary physician, ensuring best care and better outcomes.

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